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Xref and Bullhorn Integration: Features and Benefits

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It’s not uncommon for organizations to use more than one technology platform to aid their recruitment processes, and when the platforms integrate seamlessly, it makes the job easier. Integrations enable platforms to ‘speak to each other’. Information and data can feed from one platform to another to automate workflows and provide flexibility.

Repetitive tasks such as data entry and file sharing are eliminated and the potential for human error is reduced, which saves recruiters time.

Xref has a number of leading ATS partners, one of which is Bullhorn. Let’s take a closer look at the Xref and Bullhorn integration and its features and benefits.

Xref and Bullhorn integration

The Xref and Bullhorn integration is designed to streamline staffing needs. With Xref, recruiters can automate the reference checking process, and with Bullhorn’s recruiting software, they can manage the entire staffing process end-to-end. 

The two platforms integrate seamlessly to ensure candidate and reference information is accessible from one place. The Xref-Bullhorn integration creates a complete customer relationship and operations management suite for talent acquisition professionals.

By connecting to Xref through a Bullhorn account, users can collect compliant references, improve time-to-hire and generate new business leads. In summary, the integration enables recruiters to make fast, more confident hiring decisions. 

What challenges can the Xref and Bullhorn integration solve?

Reference checking is a priority in the hiring process, which is what Xref does seamlessly. The Xref integration enables recruiters to automate the reference checking process through Bullhorn to improve efficiencies.

Kathleen Folkerts, Operations Manager at Fusion Medical Staffing, recalls how laborious staffing was before utilizing the Bullhorn and Xref integration. “We were having to do manual calls and then manually update that form into Bullhorn,” she says.

“Xref’s integration with Bullhorn has created an efficient process…so we can focus our labor and energy on things that matter and not have to spend so much time tracking down references,” says Kathleen. “It’s just been an efficiency and a time-saver for us as a company.”

What features does the integration have?

The Xref and Bullhorn integration is rich with modern features and functionality. Learn about three of the biggest features below.

1. Manage bulk hiring

The Xref and Bullhorn integration allows organizations to manage bulk hiring from a single platform. This is important for organizations that have a large volume of hires or seasonal hiring, like Fusion Medical, as they can manage candidates and record all information in one platform, which increases efficiency and accuracy. 

2. Tap into passive candidates

Xref can help recruiters to fill position vacancies even when the candidate market isn’t abundant by creating a digital talent pool of passive candidates.

Xref can securely store data and contact details of referees, past candidates and ex-employees who have consented to hear about future employment opportunities. With a pool of candidates at their fingertips, recruiters can search and filter contacts by job role, skills, and core competencies to identify top talent for open positions.

“Xref’s consistently excellent product and support allows us to be ahead of the game in speed-to-placement and supports our goal of hiring top talent for our clients.” – Kathleen Folkerts, Operations Manager at Fusion Medical Staffing

3. Remain secure and compliant 

Xref is ISO27001-certified, GDPR-compliant and meets high-security standards. Because of this, organizations can conduct references with peace of mind, knowing data is collected and stored securely.

Bullhorn uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), which requires a customer to provide two or more verification credentials to gain access to the platform. This additional layer of security gives users peace of mind that their data is secure and compliant.

Other features of the integration:

Below are some other features that the integration offers:

  • Make reference requests through Bullhorn and receive direct-to-inbox status updates as your reference survey progresses
  • See the request's life cycle within Bullhorn to understand what stage of the reference checking process the request is at – i.e. has the candidate filled out the details of the references? Has the reference responded? Is feedback ready to be viewed?
  • Stop or delete an Xref request from within Bullhorn, for example, if a candidate pulls out of the hiring process
  • A PDF version of the results is uploaded automatically to Bullhorn, so you can view actionable insights in easy-to-read graphs
  • Xref user permissions are carried over to the integration within Bullhorn
  • Set-up is quick and easy (24 hours or less) and onboarding is simple
  • Globally accessible with your information securely stored in a data center near you (AU, EU, CA and US)

What are the benefits of the Xref and Bullhorn integration?

The Xref and Bullhorn integration has multiple benefits. See below.

1. Saves valuable time 

The Xref and Bullhorn integration reduces manual processes so hiring managers can fill vacant roles more quickly.

“It has reduced our speed-to-placement, which is huge when you’re in healthcare staffing. The faster you can get a candidate into a job, the better,” says Kathleen. “Our recruiters do not need to pick up the phone, try to get two references and ask those questions. It’s done right away.”

Xref puts the control in the hands of the candidates by asking them to provide the email addresses of two references. “It’s traveler-facing,” says Kathleen. “It’s nice [for candidates] to be in control of what they’re doing and their journey for the job they’re applying for.”

2. Enables customization

Xref Reference Surveys allow users to write their own custom questions, use a template or select from a mix of HR-approved character-based and skills-based questions to paint a full picture of the candidate.

“Having the customization allows us to focus on the things that matter to each division, so we’re capturing the right information that’s relevant to us,” says Kathleen. “Standard questions allow that equity when rating travelers – who’s high quality and who’s not.”

Xref branded graphic with a testimonial (below) from Rohit Sharma, Account Manager, Xref about working with Fusion Medical Staffing
3. Offers reporting capabilities

Xref’s reporting capabilities provide visibility on the ongoing effectiveness of the hiring process. Recruiters can stay updated on the progress of each reference with status updates and access detailed written references, which are stored securely in the cloud.

Fusion Medical Staffing suffered without reporting capabilities. “We missed out on the reporting opportunities to really gauge improvement or where we had some gaps,” says Kathleen. Since using Xref, Kathleen has benefited from being able to run reports. “[We can] see how we’re best engaging our customers, how quick, and working with Xref’s Customer Success team to see what enhancements we can do to make those numbers even better.”

“It has been great working with Fusion Medical over the years. Andy and Kathleen truly value providing the best experience to their employees and clients.” - Rohit Sharma, Account Manager at Xref (North America)

How does the Xref and Bullhorn integration work?

Once the Xref integration has been established in Bullhorn, it’s easy to use. You can request and review Xref reference checks in three simple steps.

1. Request an Xref reference

Click on the Xref tab to open up the requests page. Select the template you want to use and the number of references you want to send the survey to.

2. Complete details and send

Enter the role details and provide instructions to the candidate, then hit send.

3. Review your reference

When a reference is complete, you will be notified. You can review the full reference report within the Bullhorn platform.

Final word

The Xref and Bullhorn integration creates a seamless hiring process, from sourcing candidates and reference checking to hiring an employee into a role. The integration saves time, and offers customization and reporting functionality to help recruiters make the best hiring decisions.

Find out more about the integration and how your organization can benefit by booking a demo today.

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