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Xref Leads as Reference Checking Provider in G2 Winter 2022 Report

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We’re wrapping up 2021 and among the many reasons to celebrate is the latest G2 Winter 2022 report.

Xref has once again secured a position in the leader quadrant in G2's Winter 2022 announcement. Along with the leader badge, we’ve also been awarded five other prestigious badges, including Best Usability and Best Relationship for mid-market users.

G2 Badge Success

Leaders are determined based on high customer satisfaction shared by users on the review site. Here’s a list of our Winter 2022 awards

  1. Leader
  2. Leader Mid-market
  3. Leader Momentum
  4. Best Relationship Mid-market
  5. Best Usability
  6. Best Usability Mid-market
Graphic with text that says winner of 6 G2 badges and display of the six G2 badges for winter 2022

Why G2 reviews matter

G2 is a trusted peer-to-peer review and technology marketplace where professionals can discover the best software to meet their business needs. The review site represents the democratic voice of real software users. G2 rates products from the Reference Check category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say

Our reviewers have praised Xref for ease of use, set-up, and quality of support. Xref has a 4.6 out of 5 review score based on 236+ user reviews.

Review from G2 user

Review from G2 user

Seven reasons why our clients love using Xref

1. Core competency tracking

Core competency tracking is a visual representation of how candidates measure up against one another in relation to the competencies required to perform in the role and fit in well with the business. 

With every reference conducted using Xref, a number of data points are measured and analysed, adding insights to the feedback provided in the reference responses. 

The core competency tracking feature enables benchmarking at-a-glance and allows employers to make an initial assessment before diving into the full reference responses. 

2. Unusual activity

Xref's, ‘Unusual Activity’ feature, monitors various data points in real-time to identify where candidates and their referees are when they access the platform, what devices they use,, and the times at which they carry out a step in the process. 

Xref flags any potentially fraudulent activity, highlighting the reasons for the flag being raised, such as the IP address of a candidate being the same as their referee, and offers the employer the opportunity to explore the issue further before it’s too late.

3. Report sharing & tracking

With Xref’s report sharing and tracking feature, recruiters can quickly and securely send a reference report to a colleague from within the Xref platform. As soon as the email is opened, the sender will receive an alert letting them know it has been viewed. 

4. Bulk requests

Users can upload a file of candidate details, which is used to send out the reference request to up to 100 candidates in one go. It’s a quick and simple tool that makes bulk referencing - something that would traditionally take days, if not weeks to complete. 

5. People Search

The People Search tool is an excellent way to build a talent pipeline in a tight candidate market. Referees completing a reference check for a candidate can opt to be contacted by employers for future job opportunities. Xref People Search maps the details of job roles and places of employment provided by referees when submitting references.

It enables users to filter the information available and identify persons of interest from a database of referees that have provided feedback on their candidates, via the Xref platform. This data is already securely stored on the platform and property of the user, but the Xref People Search solution offers a simple and efficient way of filtering and mapping it.

6. Template Builder

Template Builder puts that expert knowledge in the hands of anyone looking to create a new reference questionnaire template, for free. Given Xref's experience in the reference checking space, at the time that Template Builder was developed we had access to almost a decade's worth of reference checks. From the analysis of thousands of these checks, we collected and consolidated the most effective questions. 

7. Integrations

Busy HR teams don’t have time to switch between applications, transferring data from one to the next. 

We have integrated our online reference checking software with more than 30 of the world's leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), as well as multiple regional background checking providers, from which users can choose from more than 200 global checks, including police record and working with children checks.

If you’re an Xref user and would like to share your feedback on your experience of using Xref, you can leave us a review on G2 or if you'd like to review our G2 page, feel free to visit!

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