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Checking References Online? Xref benefits explained

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The Value Behind the Reference Checking Tool

Xref was created to bring value back to a tired, old recruitment process that had lost its purpose.

But, since signing up our first customers in early 2011, we have consistently heard about the aspects of the solution that deliver value far beyond the expected. With Xref online platform, you can request references in 40 seconds. This is how Xref works:

Now, it's time to talk about Xref benefits, here are just four of the benefits loved by our clients globally.

1. Team Xref

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with everyone on the Xref team.” Connect Hearing

The Xref team really are one of a kind, a group of passionate professionals who are genuinely excited to help businesses globally and do so from an empathetic and knowledgeable starting point. The majority of our team have a background in recruitment, so they really know what they’re talking about!

The customer success team, who support our users globally, is the beating heart of the business and, as the true automated referencing experts, they offer training, guidance and best-practice tips to help all users become leaders in conducting the best reference checks.

2. Improved candidate experience

When it comes to reference checking, traditional phone-based methods will leave candidates in the dark with no way of knowing if their references have progressed. Sadly, not all tech-based solutions provide the transparency that candidates deserve in order to have a truly positive experience.

The Xref process starts as a candidate submits their referee details and, from that point on, they are kept up to speed with the progress of their reference. They receive timely reminders and are notified as soon as a reference has been completed.

3. Ongoing product evolution

Xref is continuously evolving. Today, we provide added value through the evolution of our platform and the development of new products, including:

  • Template Builder - this free tool lets anyone build best-practice reference templates for free. Xref customers can then add them directly to their account.
  • People Search - this addition to the Xref platform helps customers find candidates from a database of referees who have given consent to be contacted.
  • Bulk upload - a feature that allows high-volume recruiters to request up to 100 references in one go, making a traditionally slow and inconsistent process, fast and safe.
  • RapidID - since acquiring this platform for human verification, we have been able to offer clients the opportunity to confirm their candidates’ identity in real-time.

4. Solution scalability

Xref is able to support the hiring needs of all businesses, from single users on Xref Lite, to global corporations with multiple team members on an enterprise account.

Once signed up to an enterprise account, Xref users have access to multiple features and capabilities that ensure it will grow with the business over time, including:

  • Unlimited users - as many users as are required can be added to an account, so that everyone conducting references can do so efficiently, securely and consistently.
  • Regional data centres - with secure data storage around the world, users have the freedom to choose where their account data is stored.
  • Multi-language capabilities - Xref users can allow referees to respond in their preferred language, ensuring efficient references can be conducted globally.
  • ATS integrations - with a seamless connectivity to the world’s leading ATS platforms, Xref users can add automated reference checking to the global hiring workflow.
“My team grew by over 400% in 12 months, so we needed to find efficiencies wherever we could to manage that growth.” WilsonCTS

If you would like to find out more of how Xref has helped others to enhance their recruitment processes you can read some of their responses here.

These are just a handful of the reasons our clients don’t just trust us, they love working with us and are proud to use Xref as a tool to inform their hiring decisions. Want to know how we could help you and your team? Get in touch for a demo today.

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