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[Webinar] Engaging Remote Employees

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Part 1: Communication strategies for engaging remote teams

In the first of our 15-minute web series, our hosts, Shari Angle (Loft Consulting) and James Lord (Xref) focus on the importance of communication in engaging remote teams.  Here’s what we cover:

  • Why 'intentional' communication is important
  • Identifying different personality types
  • Ideas for different communications approaches

Part 2: The value of continuous improvement

Our hosts, Shari and James discuss the importance of demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement, including:

  • Tools that can be used to create a continuous feedback loop
  • Allowing leadership to be vulnerable

Part 3: Creating a sense of community

The desire for belonging is inherent in human beings. But when workplaces become virtual, teams have no physical connection, and communication has changed, how do employers create a sense of community? And is it ultimately the employer’s responsibility?

In this quick webinar, our hosts discuss:

  • The relationship between community and engagement/motivation
  • Tips for ways to create a sense of community

Part 4: Enabling career success

In the final session of this series, our hosts Shari and James focus on a key element of engagement; career success. This 15-minute webinar covers:

  • Enabling success from day one
  • Tips on best-practice onboarding
  • Facilitating cross-departmental remote working

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