Improve Your Candidate Experience With Six Simple Steps

Your six-step checklist to develop the ultimate candidate experience

Today, job seekers are more critical of the companies they apply to than ever before. Pre-employment processes are no longer just a mechanism for employers to vet applicants, the recruitment period is a two-way street and the experience you offer will form candidates’ first impressions of you as a potential employer.

According to the recently launched 2018 Australian Recruitment Trends Report from Bullhorn, recruiters rank candidate experience as one of their top three priorities for the year. But the Xref Recruitment Risk Index also found that a reliance on old recruitment methods is slowing the process down and even resulting in lost talent. 

Creating a positive recruitment journey from introduction to onboarding is key. Here we offer six simple steps to doing so:

  • Test drive your recruitment process - Whoever it is, make sure you know they’ll give you their honest opinion. Feel comfortable to ask questions at the end of the process such as, What did you like best about the way the process was handled?
  • Keep up the comms - There’s nothing worse for a candidate than being left in the dark about their application status. If you’re looking to hire someone engaged and passionate about your business, don’t quash their enthusiasm with a lack of communication. 
  • Create and maintain expectations - Did you know? According to the LinkedIn Global Recruitment Trends report, the biggest barrier to talent when considering applying for a new role is not knowing enough about the company or the job. Make sure the information you want great talent to know about your company and vacancies can be easily found. 
  • Be honest - Don’t keep candidates in the dark about the status of their application. This can add anxiety to an already stressful period, which will negatively impact the impression they form of your business.
  • Be aware of perceptions - Rightly or wrongly, you may do some online researching and social media scanning about a candidate before you meet them. Well, guess what, they will be doing the same for your business.
  • Enlist some expertise - Adopt platforms designed to take the legwork out of it for you.Automated solutions guarantee consistency, efficiency, and transparency for all involved, every time.

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