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Xref releases 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Branded green graphic that says Xref Customer Satisfaction Survey results

Xref’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey measured the satisfaction levels of our valued customers for our platform and quality of service.

The survey was sent to over 9,000 users worldwide who have been most active on our platform since late 2022. 

We enjoyed using our newly acquired solution, Xref Engage, for our survey. The survey was curated with the support of experts with more than 20 years of experience tailoring surveys for organisations to uncover actionable insights.

The survey aimed to understand our customers' satisfaction level in areas such as quality, security, innovation and communication. We are thrilled by the survey results. When you download this report, you will see: 

  • Customer satisfaction scores for our products, processes and people
  • Satisfaction score highlights and regional breakdown by categories
  • Xref’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)  that indicates how likely our customers are to recommend us
  • The importance of innovation for Xref

Some key statistics of the survey reveal that:

  • 94% of our customers say Xref saves you time
  • 93% are satisfied with our services overall
  • 78% found Xref to be innovative

Download the report to find out complete details.

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