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5 Trending HR Topics for August 2021

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Disruptions inside and outside the workplace require HR teams to adapt and reevaluate their workforce strategies. Over the last year itself, HR teams have had to think on their feet to be ahead of the pandemic curve. We’ve rounded up advice from experts in the industry to help you expand your HR knowledge, stay current and reevaluate your existing processes to make them better.

# 1 Workplace Strategies: Best ways HR and managers can support working parents

Workplace strategies

Whether we’re in or out of lockdown, easing the rigidity of 9-5 and supporting flexible working can be transformative for teams. Especially when it comes to parenting; allowing working parents to take a flexible approach to work, to accommodate their parenting duties is one of the most high-impact decisions employers can make to help their employees. Such decisions indicate that, as employers, you understand and, most importantly, that you care about your employees. This blog explores practical ways for HR and managers to support working parents, including what they should do and what they shouldn’t. 

# 2 Hiring Advice: Do you respect your candidates time?

Do you respect your candidates time?

Creating a positive candidate experience can go a long way, not just when the candidate is on board but when they share their experience on social platforms and in their network. You may have an unavoidable lengthy interview process that can cause some job applicants to lose interest in the role. To avoid losing out on great candidates, here are a few steps you can take to keep candidates engaged and show them you value their time. You may already be doing these things, but it never hurts to audit your hiring process and ensure every candidate has a positive experience with your company. 

# 3 Workplace Planning: What makes a millennial stick with a company?

Workplace planning

Millennials form an essential part of the workforce cohort, and it’s crucial for you to retain them. Some companies that have made it to the ‘Best workplaces for millennials list’ have clearly nailed it when it comes to gaining millennial trust.  For instance, Altria understands that millennials are looking for employers who see them as whole human beings rather than just employees. While Hubspot makes it a point to listen to employees, act on their feedback, and constantly build a culture where everyone feels like they belong. In this blog, we hear from organisations on what makes Millennials stick with a company. 

# 4 Interviewing Advice: Do you look for grit in your candidates?

Graphic with text that says 4. interviewing advice - Do you look for grit in your candidates?

If you’ve watched the recent Olympics, you’ve probably marvelled at the determination and grit of athletes as they compete with each other for the prize. The term ‘grit’ has been popularised by psychologist Angela Duckworth who defines it as the secret weapon of high achievers. In the workplace, we often see it in certain employees. It not only helps someone reach their own goals, but employees with grit are usually the ones also driving their team to succeed. What’s interesting to note is that grit is not necessarily linked to intelligence or High IQ but with determination. How to spot grit when assessing candidate fit in an insightful piece on how you can evaluate your next hire for this trait to build a high-achieving team. 

# 5 Offboarding: Here’s why employee exits may be a good thing

Graphic with text that says 5. Offboarding - Here's why employee exits may be a good thing

While it’s hard to let some of your employees go, there are many reasons to value exiting employees. For instance, if nobody ever exits an organisation, fewer opportunities are created for people to move and grow into unless the company grows like crazy. Turnover should be seen as a healthy and vital thing in organisations because it creates new opportunities for your staff to be promoted and for you to bring in new talent from the outside. Another way to see it is, departing staff may return one day armed with even more experience and expertise. This blog on employee exits sheds light on the value a departing employee can bring to you and your organisation.

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