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A Year of Xref Customer Success Stories 2020

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Success Hiring Through a Pandemic

This year has been challenging for everyone and business everywhere have had to adapt to the uncertainty of a pandemic at lightning speed. Thankfully, there are many great HR and Recruitment tech options available that are safe, secure and cloud-based. The platforms have been crucial in helping companies all over the world keep hiring and therefore keep working while everyone adapts to the new normal.

Along with our partners, Xref has provided some relief amongst the chaos and has been helping businesses make fast and reliable hiring decisions throughout the pandemic. Along the way, we checked in with many of our clients to find out how they were doing this year and they were more than willing to share some great insight into how their companies were using Xref to navigate the pandemic. 

Below, we’ve put together a compilation of this year’s customer success stories for you to have a browse. If you’re new to Xref then it’s a great chance to get to know how this product might help your team but if you’ve been with us for a while, there is plenty of insight and advice you might like to take away too. 

#1 Planet Organic

Read more about how Planet Organic changed the way they reference to overcome some of the challenges that face many human resources teams. We caught up with Jemma Sayer, HR Coordinator from Planet Organic, to hear the story of how partnering with Xref has changed their references for the better.

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#2 McDonald's Australia

McDonald’s needs no introduction. They pride themselves on being much more than just a place that serves burgers and fries, As an employer, McDonald’s strives to provide an opportunity for any employee with the appetite to grow, and fosters a culture of innovation. Read how McDonald’s enhanced their hiring process through the use of online referencing.

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McDonalds logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#3 Lannick

Learn more about the time saved through implementing an automated reference check process. We caught up with Scott Asselstine, Lannick's Senior Operations Manager at Lannick who shares their experience of this journey.

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Lannick logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#4 BAI Communications

Discover how BAI Communications were able to utilise the global reach of online referencing through Xref to further provide the care and great experiences for everyone in the referencing process. We caught up with Liane Hernandez, Group Manager, Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility at BAI Communications who shares their story.

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Bai logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#5 Blue Sky Recruitment

Learn more about the change that took place within the Blue Sky Recruitments process that helped remove the time-consuming steps and improve the accuracy and security of referencing. We spoke to Diella Gabelich, Director Auckland who shares their experience and journey.

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Bluesky logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#6 Healthvision

There are numerous checks that need to be completed when it comes to finding the right person to fit specific roles. We spoke to Healthvision (New Zealand) who explain what changes automated referencing has brought to their team, and the candidates and referees they interact with.

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Healthvision logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#7 The Interiors Group

Learn how The Interiors group NZ changed their referencing process and removed the time spent chasing referees or re-writing questionnaire notes. We spoke with Chantal Court who shared how the team at The Interiors Group NZ have benefited from the efficiency, customisation and support offered by Xref.

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Interiors group logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#8 Lion

Lion is one of Australasia’s largest food and beverage companies. Learn how they have been able to broaden their source of talent and increase diversity. We caught up with Katharine Davidson, Talent Acquisition Leader at Lion who shares their journey.

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Lion logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#9 Shine Lawyers

Having a small hiring team can result in a lot of important time spent chasing referrals through the referencing process. Learn more about the decision process that led Shine Lawyers to implement automatic referencing in their hiring process and the benefits that it has brought along with it.

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Shine Lawyers logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#10 Precision Sourcing

Precision Sourcing is a technology and data staffing business that was founded in 2005. Discover the ease with which the team at Precision Sourcing now request Xref reference checks directly from their Bullhorn account while saving time and reducing risk.

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Precision Sourcing logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#11 WPP

Learn more about the benefits that advertising agency, WPP, found through introducing automated referencing with Xref. They shared with us their story and the need for improved clarity and accuracy of their reference checking process.

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WPP logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#12 Tipico

Learn how Tipico ‘put the fun back in Gaming Recruitment’ while reducing their time to hire and risk of discrimination with Xref's online reference checking platform and the SmartRecruiters ATS. We spoke to Corrina, Talent Acquisition Operations Lead who shares their story.

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Tipco logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

#13 Fusion

Fusion Medical Staffing reviews Xref's online reference checking software. Results include added security and an improved average time-to-hire, with reference requests completed just minutes after candidate assessments conclude.

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Fusion logo on white square, brand shapes on grey

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