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Fact: Inefficient Recruitment is Costing you Candidates



Creating an efficient recruitment process by overcoming challenges

It’s a familiar scene - you’ve got a great shortlist of candidates and the hiring team is briefed and ready to find the front runner. It’s looking like you’ll have that urgent vacancy filled in no time. But there’s a danger that the processes that will follow will let you down.  

A reliance on outdated recruitment methods may be putting your organisation at risk of losing out on the best talent. The 2017 Recruitment Risk Index revealed that 41 per cent of HR managers and recruiters admitted to having lost candidates due to delays in the reference checking process alone.

Recent research from recruitment company Robert Half also reported that 79% of HR managers are concerned about losing top candidates to competing job offers. When you consider the threat of process inefficiencies in the context of this competition for talent, it becomes apparent just how high the risk really is. Not prioritising efficiency will undoubtedly impact your recruitment success. But there are ways to turn it around.

1. Prioritise candidate experience

The hiring process is a two-way street. Of course, you must be impressed by the candidate and believe they’d be the perfect fit for the role, but they will also be forming their own opinions about your organisation. Keeping candidates informed and up-to-speed with the progress of their application is the very least you should be doing to reduce the risk of them heading elsewhere.

2. Use references to shortlist

Traditionally, reference checks are implemented as the very last step in a recruitment process. At this stage, you are likely to have already made your decision and be using references to validate your perceptions of the candidate. Any delays at this stage can be cause you to lose candidates to competitors. By following the five phases of sucessful reference checking, and referencing early in the process, you can gather more information and rule out inappropriate candidates early, saving you time and resources.

3. Make hiring a team responsibility

Inexperience can lead to discriminatory questions being asked, so, your recruitment process should be driven by a human resource professional. However, involving the team that would be working with a new recruit can be beneficial in terms of freeing up HR resources, as well as adding objectivity to the process. Aside from the time saved, a new recruit will also benefit from having communicated with other potential new colleagues.

4. Tailor your processes

You expect candidates to tailor their application for a role, so why should you not tailor the recruitment process for it too. Adopting the same template of questions for all reference checks and interviews will not provide the role-specific insight you need to identify the best talent. Ensure you have adopted an efficient solution to collect the greatest amount of relevant data, in the shortest amount of time - enabling you to make informed hiring decisions, quickly.  

5. Minimise the steps required

Xref research found that 35 per cent of HR managers and recruiters find the time taken to hire, the most frustrating element of the recruitment process. The use of admin-heavy practices that distract HR teams from other, more valuable work, impact motivation and, at the same time, frustrate candidates. While multiple interviews, tests and assessments might be necessary for the most senior roles, you should try to keep them to a minimum where possible.

It’s critical that recruitment processes are as efficient as they are robust. You must be able to on-board quickly and confidently, so as not to lose good candidates who become frustrated with delays in the process or find another opportunity while waiting.

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