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Innovation matters to Xref customers

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Since 2010, Xref has been on a mission to empower organisations to make confident people-focused decisions. 

We began as an automated reference checking solution with our main aim being to put the task of references back into the hands of candidates. 

We encouraged the HR and recruitment industry to transition away from phone-based checks to reduce time to hire and ensure compliance throughout the process. We have succeeded on a global scale and are used in 195 countries. 

But over the years, just as reference checking has changed, so has Xref. From our beginnings in 2010, Xref has flourished into a best-in-class HR and recruitment technology company that empowers organisations with people-focused feedback to make great decisions.

With a passionate team behind everything that we do, Xref's vision is to make it easier for the world to hire and track talent throughout their journey by changing the way organisations collect and action feedback from their people. 

We’ve always considered ourselves innovators and disruptors, looking to create opportunity. We listen to our customers and implement feedback to create one source of talent truth. Everything we do reflects our passion, innovation and drive. 

So, why are we talking about innovation today?

Xref 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Xref recently conducted our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey with the support of Xref Engage. Thank you to those who participated for your feedback and support.

We chose to conduct our Customer Satisfaction Survey because we were fuelled by the desire to have tangible feedback from our customers about our product, processes and people.

One of our key findings was that innovation matters to you - our customers. 78% of our users find Xref to be innovative. 

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about our innovation in the recent 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

“The ease of use [is my favourite thing about Xref]. It's one of the best platforms I've used. Would never go back.”

“The platform is user friendly and consistent... It is a time saver and truly a great platform to use.”

[I benefit from the] efficiency of the platform. Plus the integration with our Talent system is very effective at reducing time.”

“I like the security and the reports. [The platform is] easy to make new templates.”

“The platform and dashboard is simple enough for hiring managers to learn and confidently navigate their way.”

Xref holds innovation core to who we are. Over the course of our history, Xref has steadily released first-to-market innovations to offer our customers a truly best-in-class solution and experience. 

93% of our users completing the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey expressed satisfaction in our platform and service.

Our next-generation Enterprise platform has been built to satisfy the demands of a rapidly changing market and features solutions for all stages of the talent journey, so our users can make empowered people-focused decisions to recruit, retain and remember their people with ease.

In addition, 93% also found our platform to be secure and compliant. While innovation is important, Xref strives to always deliver safe and secure solutions to offer our customers peace of mind. 

Xref now offers an end-to-end perspective on the talent journey by guiding organisational change with data-driven feedback. 

Xref branded green graphic with statistics from Xref's 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey results

Our latest product innovations

Xref continues our strong focus on product innovation. We have invested time and resources into product development and over the years, have successfully delivered on many key milestones. 

Since our initial launch of automated references in 2010, Xref has had many standout releases that demonstrate our commitment to continuous innovation. These include:

  • Channel integrations: Xref integrates with over 35 partners to streamline the reference checking process for users by connecting with their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS). 
  • Reference sentiment analysis. This feature allows organisations to understand the intent behind a referee’s feedback of a candidate. 
  • Free reference template builder allows users to create a simple reference survey using a range of HR-approved reference questions. 
  • Pre-employment checks with RapidID. This newly acquired solution allows users to complete reference, identity and background checks on candidates. 
  • Unusual Activity Algorithm detects potential fraud in references.
  • Exit Surveys help organisations understand the reasons why departing employees choose to leave. It includes a talent pool feature that allows departing employees to ‘opt-in’ to be rehired. 
  • Further employment and background checks with Trust Marketplace launched. These checks include global visa checks, education qualifications, and many more. 
  • Pulse Surveys were launched to help organisations retain their talent by sending short, quick surveys on a particular issue to understand employee needs and wants and improve organisational goals. 
  • Enterprise platform launched allowing Xref customers to complete Reference, Pulse and Exit Surveys all in one place. 
  • Xref Engage Surveys launched including Onboarding, Offboarding, Leadership 360 and Employee Engagement Surveys. 

Our steady release of first-to-market products means our users have access to truly the best-in-class HR solution. 

Xref branded green graphic with a timeline of innovations by Xref listed by year

Our recent accolades for innovation

In 2022, Xref was named a Most Innovative Company by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) and was a Finalist in the TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards US for innovation. In 2023, we were named in the top 25 of the AFR’s Fast Global list. Xref continues to be rated highly on customer review sites G2, Capterra and Google. 

Branded graphic with photograph of Xref team members posing with AFR Most Innovative Company award

What else makes Xref innovative?

Our constant flow of product releases showcase our innovative mindset and organisations around the world trust Xref. 

A global solution

Our cloud-based platform is available in 195 countries globally with multi-language capabilities. We offer 24/7 support with your friendly Customer Success team available in your local timezone.  

Your data security is our priority

Xref has always had a security-first mindset, with a robust infrastructure, and a compliant operating environment. Xref is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant. 

We take your data security seriously and store your insights in local data centres that adhere to local guidelines. 

A team driven by ambition

With a passionate team behind everything that we do, Xref's vision is to change the way organisations collect and action feedback from their people. 

Having a big heart and being positively charged, our people take customer feedback very seriously and we use it to make continued improvements, fuelling our future development goals. 

Looking ahead

When looking towards Xref’s future, our CEO Lee-Martin Seymour said, “Xref continues to invest time and resources into product development and great customer support. 

Looking ahead, we continue to execute our product innovation strategy with new and exciting things to come. 

We are sure our customers will be delighted with what is to come, finding value in our solutions. We look forward to delivering on future growth initiatives and our company vision.”

Xref branded graphic with CEO Lee-Martin Seymour's photograph and quote (above)

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