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The results are in! Xref recently conducted our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey with the support of Xref Engage. We are thrilled with the results and excited to share what our customers feel about our products and service.

Thank you to our customers who participated for your feedback and support. Let’s dive into the findings. 

About our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Xref’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey allowed us to measure customer satisfaction by formally hearing and recording feedback from our valued customers about where we succeed and areas for improvement. 

Who participated

Our survey was sent to 9,302 users worldwide, who have been most active in our platform since late 2022. 

The largest number of responses came from Australia (61%), New Zealand (12%), Canada and Europe (7% each) and USA (6%). Responses from regions such as Asia and the Middle East comprised the remaining 1%. 

What we asked

Our Customer Satisfaction Survey questions sought feedback from our customer base on products, processes and people, asking about areas including, but not limited to, quality, ease, security and communication. 

Survey categories

Each question in the survey fell into a particular category. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey had ten categories, and our customers provided honest feedback on how we performed in each area, such as:

  • Quality - exploring how satisfied our customers are with the Xref platform’s functionality, reliability and speed.
  • Ease - how easy it is for Xref customers to learn how to use our platform.
  • Capability - how impactful our platform is for customers.
  • Security - uncovering customer perceptions around how well Xref protects data privacy and is compliant with regulations.
  • Communication - exploring how adequately the communications from Xref, such as platform notifications and marketing materials, keep customers informed. 

Types of questions

Xref’s Customer Satisfaction Survey consisted primarily of rating scale questions (rate 1-5) seeking feedback on each category. Our survey had 27 questions.

In addition, the survey featured 3 open-ended questions, allowing our customers to share their comments and opinions. 

Why and how we chose these questions

With the expert advice of the Xref Engage team, Xref asked our existing customers about these categories because we were fuelled by the desire to have tangible feedback from our users about our product, processes and people. 

We often seek customer insights via our team members during one-on-one conversations with our loyal customers. However, these one on one conversations between our people and customers are typically less formal. By running our survey, Xref wanted to hear the voice of our users - what they really like about our platform and service, as well as the areas where we can improve - and have a way to quantify that feedback given. 

The Xref Engage team were able to help us with this. The experts at Xref Engage have more than 20 years of experience in tailoring surveys for organisations to uncover actionable insights. The Xref engage team gave guidance on what questions would offer us deeper insights and actionable feedback.

The easy-to-read graphs in the Xref Engage Data Studio helped us visualise where we excel and where we can improve. 

Key findings

The findings of Xref’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey offered us clear visibility over customer sentiment and satisfaction rates. Xref excelled in areas including quality, efficiency and security, resulting in our high satisfaction and progress ratings.

Satisfied customers trust Xref has a positive, progressive future

92% of our users are satisfied with Xref’s platform and the services we provide.

91% believe Xref is trustworthy, successful and has a positive future.

When looking towards Xref’s future, our CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour said, “Xref continues to invest time and resources into product development and great customer support. 

Looking ahead, we continue to execute our product innovation strategy with new and exciting things to come. 

We are sure our customers will be delighted with what is to come, finding value in our solutions. We look forward to delivering on future growth initiatives and our company vision.” 

Xref branded green graphic with photograph of CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour and his quote on the right

Innovation matters 

Throughout our history, Xref has steadily released first-to-market innovations to offer our customers a truly best-in-class solution and experience. 

Xref holds innovation core to who we are, and 78% of our users reported they find Xref innovative. 

Some regional highlights

  • A whopping 98% of European Xref users believe our platform reduces paperwork.
  • 96% of US-based customers find it easy to learn how to use Xref.
  • 96% of our New Zealand users are confident in the security of the Xref platform and trust our compliance. 
  • 94% of Australian customers say Xref saves their team time.
  • When using reference checks, 93% of Canadian customers say Xref reduces time to hire. 

Here’s what some of our customers said about Xref in the open-text fields 

Saves time: “Cuts down administration time considerably.”

Convenience and automation:

  • [I like] “not having to call references.
  • [One benefit I experience is] “getting references takes less time on our part.
  • [I like] “the automated nature of the survey.
  • [I benefit from] “the ability to set and forget.

Customisation: [I benefit from] “being able to customise my own templates.” 

Full results of Xref’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey have been shared with those who were invited to participate. If you would like to read more, download your copy today.

Xref branded green graphic with statistics (above) from customer satisfaction survey conducted by Xref

What’s next?

Thank you again to those customers who participated in our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Xref has already begun to take action in line with the feedback given. Xref remains committed to improving ourselves further and to continue offering our customers a best-in-class HR tech solution.

We enjoyed giving our customers a voice and creating a survey tailored to the unique needs of our organisation. We strongly value any feedback from our customers as it helps drive our future direction. 

Xref will run subsequent surveys to understand where there has been change over time - what metrics we have made positive organisational change on or what additional areas we can improve. 

If you would like to create and run your own Customer Satisfaction Survey, book a free demo with Xref Engage today.

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