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The power of Exit Surveys: Xref Insights with Jack Burke

Exit surveys expert: headshot of Jack Burke Xref Account Executive

Using data from surveys to reduce attrition 

For those organisations looking to recruit talent, competition is high, and many are looking to use methods and technology to stand out from the crowd.

Watch this short interview with Xref’s Account Executive Jack Burke as he shares how Xref Exit Surveys can help uncover reasons for leaving with key insights and functionality to improve future retention.

Jack shares a real customer success story highlighting how Xref Exit Surveys have helped organisations in the healthcare industry to understand reasons for attrition, and had excellent results with exiting employees opting in to be rehired. 

In this video, Jack speaks about:

  • The latest HR and recruitment challenges
  • The benefits of accurate analysis to know why people leave
  • The power of talent pools: Ask your departing employees if they would like to be rehired
  • Case studies from real Xref Exit Surveys customers
  • How Xref’s Exit Surveys can help

Watch the video for more insight

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