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How Xref Makes Reference Checking Easier

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Why feedback from previous employers is important?

Feedback gathered on a candidate's past professional experience is a predictive insight on how their future performance will be. For example, anyone can put “problem solver” or “passionate about numbers” in their resume. Many candidates may also look you in the eye and misrepresent a fact about their skills. The only way to ensure you don't get carried away is by doing a thorough online reference check.

When do employers ask for references?

Reference checking usually takes place at the end of a long drawn interview process for a much-needed hire. You may feel that a candidate is a right hire based on your gut, but if you had a second opinion to back up your choice, we bet it would be a win-win situation. 

What is Xref?

Xref is an online reference checking tool that is trusted by businesses all over the world to empower significant hiring decisions. It offers a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional, manual methods of reference checking while delivering more excellent value and assurance than other tech-based solutions.

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If we asked you how much you love the reference checking process, we wouldn't be surprised if you rolled your eyes, so we made it simple and convenient - for everyone.

Why is Xref better for everyone?

For employers and recruiters: Reference checks take just 30 seconds to request and are returned within, on average, 24 hours. The Xref solution replaces traditional phone calling and reduces the hours spent on phone tag and admin related tasks.

For candidates: Candidates need to click on the link shared by the recruiter and fill in the details of referees. The reference checking stage of the recruitment journey is no longer a “black hole” as the platform notifies candidates on each step of progress. 

For reference providers: References can be completed at a time and on the device that best suits them. Our software is particularly useful for references done overseas, on weekends or outside of working hours.

“Xref has made the reference checking process so quick and easy for our candidates and for their referees.” — Lion 
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How Xref saves time?

A 30-second Process for You Can Save Hours?

Yes! You heard it right. As opposed to manual calling, an automated solution can do the heavy lifting for you and free up 60% of your recruitment time. Here is how it works. 

Step 1: The Xref journey starts when you enter the details of your candidate into the Xref platform. 

Step 2: The candidate provides details: This initial request triggers an email to the candidate, asking them to give details of their reference contacts. 

Step 3: References provide their feedback: References receive an email linking to the Xref platform and asking them to provide their feedback online, against a set of questions defined by you. 

After you complete these three simple steps, your reference reports get sent to you immediately.

“Xref takes on average, five days out of our recruiting process. It allows our recruiters to spend more time building hiring manager relationships.” — Hudson RPO

Four Critical Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Your Provider

In recruitment, time is of the essence and minimising admin tasks is key to remaining competitive. Digital reference checking takes the legwork out of a critical recruitment task to ensure it is done quickly and with compliance. Maybe you haven’t opted for an online reference checking tool yet, here are four questions you should ask before choosing your provider.

1. What legacy does the platform have? 

A good starting point is to look at the company’s background and take a moment to explore the other services it has under its belt. Knowing what a business has to offer can give you an insight into its potential growth and scalability. 

2. What data security does the company offer? 

Doing your due diligence to know that the tech provider you're looking into has adequate security measures in place, is critical to ensuring you're investing in a solution that can be trusted to collect and store your data securely. 

3. What are other people saying about the tech? 

Research what people are saying about a platform online. Start by looking at public reviews and checking if the business is active on social media. It can also be helpful to check the brand’s website and read their testimonials to gain further insight into how clients are using their tech. 

4. What support does the company offer? 

It is essential to find out what level of support will be available to you. You want to be sure that the business provides adequate in-platform training and guides that you can access anytime you need. It’s also helpful to understand if the company has local in-house support teams who can help you during your business hours and on time. 

“My team love me for introducing Xref! The amount of time it has saved them in terms of chasing up referees, and just the speed at which we can complete someone's pre-employment check, is fantastic. It's freed them up to add a lot more value at the front end of the recruitment process. They can now spend more time with hiring managers and be more consultative.” - YMCA NSW
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What Are The Top Benefits that Xref Provides?

1. Time-saving & efficiency: Xref minimises delays in recruitment caused by manual processes, creating a smooth, fast experience for everyone. 

2. Compliance & governance: Xref is ISO 27001 certified, offering globally compliant data collection and storage. It meets all regulatory requirements to ensure a fair assessment of every candidate.

3. Value & trust Xref: is trusted by more than 1,200 businesses globally, with reliable tech, dedicated account managers and local support. 

4. Seamless integrations: Xref has integrated its online reference checking software with 24 of the world's leading HR platforms and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to create a smooth HR workflow.

5. Fraud detection: Xref detected more than 7,000 cases of potential fraud in one year. Our unique algorithm monitors for unusual activity during and raises a red flag for any possible fraud. 

6. Relevant & valuable insights: Xref delivers relevant data analytics with tailored and comparable insights, perfect for candidate benchmarking.

“We also enjoy the assurance that we are complying with data privacy regulations, a risk we hadn’t sufficiently acknowledged when referencing in the past.” — APG&CO
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What other services does Xref offer?

If You Thought That Online Reference Checking Was All That Xref Could Do, Think Again. Xref Goes the Extra Mile With:

Identity Verification: Xref-owned, RapidID, is an ID verification and fraud prevention platform, which aggregates leading customer verification technologies to offer flexible and seamless integration for onboarding and risk analysis monitoring. RapidID enables you to verify candidates’ ID using just your smartphone, by securely matching ID documentation to real-time data sources and generating an instant verdict.

Background checks: Xref is integrated with some of the world’s leading online background checking platforms, allowing you to ensure you are gathering relevant background details for every new hire. 

Create custom reference templates: Our free Template Builder tool offers you the opportunity to build a reference template that can be added to your account, using best-practice, compliant questions. 

Build compliant pipelines: With Xref’s People Search tool, securely store the contact details of references who have provided explicit consent to be contacted as a potential candidate or about their hiring needs.

Streamline your recruitment: Xref also integrates with the world’s leading ATS platforms, so you can easily add automated reference checking to your existing recruitment workflow.

“We would not have actively sought out the unusual activity during the reference checking phase before, it would just have been down to luck if we identified anything suspicious.” — Michael Hill
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Users Love Xref!!

To be able to assess platform performance through a trusted, online resource is not only useful but critical to making fast and informed decisions. Xref has consistently ranked high on the G2 user platform for being a leading service provider for online reference checking. G2 is a trusted resource adopted by businesses across the globe to help customers sort through the many offerings and solutions available. 

We’d Love to Start a Conversation

Chasing after references can be difficult and time-consuming. Regardless of the talent, you’re looking for; a robust reference checking remains essential for confident recruitment decisions. We function as your partner in creating an automated, seamless, and user-friendly workflow. Our solution works hard for you by providing insights and flagging suspicious activity. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading applicant tracking system (ATS) providers so that your preferred platform is easy to use and sustainable. Xref assures you of accuracy, compliance and timeliness of data. You can be up and running on Xref in 24 hours. Get in touch for more information or to book a tailored demo with one of our reps in your local region.

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