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Referencing with Xref: The Ultimate Go-To Guide

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Reference checking is a hiring staple!

Reference checking ensures that you’re able to make the final tick in the box before you confidently hire your candidate. It’s your recruitment journey’s last leg and a crucial element to include, especially when you’re hiring remotely and unable to meet new recruits in person. If you’ve been evaluating reference checking software for your business, here’s a go-to guide on what Xref can do to help.

#1 What is online reference checking?

An online process that enables employers to request references and candidates to input their details on the move. Designed for convenience and assurance, it allows references to respond with ease, using the device that best suits them, while offering employers the confidence that they are speaking to the right person. We have a complete guide that you can read here, which will answer any questions you have about online reference checking. Some critical aspects include:

  • A mobile-friendly experience: Online reference checking can be accessed and completed using a mobile device at a time most convenient for the user.
  • Regular updates:  An online process provides both the employer and the candidate with regular updates on the progress of the reference and a clear understanding of the reasons for any delays. 
  • A tailored approach: Rather than relying on the same template for every hire, online reference checking allows employers to tailor their reference questions to the role and even candidate, ensuring the feedback they receive is relevant and supports their hiring decision. 
  • A consistent process:  An online platform ensures that every reference is conducted fairly, avoiding any chance of candidate discrimination and ensuring all references are managed compliantly. 

#2 How does the Xref tool make it simple and convenient for everyone?

Xref is an online reference checking tool that is trusted by businesses all over the world to empower great hiring decisions. It offers a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional, manual methods of reference checking while delivering better value and assurance than other tech-based solutions. 

  • For employers and recruiters: Reference checks take just 30 seconds to request and are returned within, on average, 24 hours.
  • For candidates: The reference checking stage of the recruitment journey is no longer a “black hole” as candidates are kept up to speed with progress throughout.
  • For reference providers: Reference checks can be completed at a time and on the device that best suits them.

Find out more in this guide, which covers how Xref works and what you can do with it. 

#3 What are the benefits of the Xref online solution?

Automated, online reference checking provides a faster, safer way of collecting valuable insights, helping hiring managers make quick and confident decisions.

  • Speed: Having access to this cloud-based solution will allow you to cut the time taken to reference, removing the back and forward of playing phone tag, and use the time that would have been spent focused on the human element of the HR recruitment process and tasks. 
  • Transparency:  The reference checking period can heavily impact the candidate experience and sometimes affect the applicant’s direction. The Xref platform provides complete transparency throughout the process, offering status updates at each stage to give both the employer and the candidate the knowledge of the next step. 
  • Convenience: The user-friendly platform provides a way for information and feedback to be given at any time and on any device. 
  • Security: We take data security very seriously and have many measures to ensure that your information is safe. Xref is ISO27001 certified, SSL Secure and GDPR Compliant. 

Our blog explains the benefits of the Xref approach and questions you should ask before choosing a tech-based reference checking provider.

#4 What else makes Xref a best-in-class solution?

It’s a powerful tool packed with some great features!

  • Insights: Xref delivers data analytics at a glance, to help make great hiring decisions, quickly. It gathers consistent and comparable insights, so you can benchmark candidates to identify top performers.
  • Unusual activity detection: Xref's unique multi-touch fraud algorithm monitors for any unusual activity during a reference. It raises a red flag and offers peace of mind that any potentially fraudulent activity from the candidate — such as writing their own references — will be detected.
  • RapidID: From fingerprints, to voice applications and facial recognition, we’re can ensure that your daily digital interactions are streamlined and secure in every way possible.
  • Template Builder: While consistency is important for references taken on candidates for the same role, a lack of template tailoring means the reference process delivers less of the insights that make for a truly informed hiring decision. With Template Builder, you can create a best-practice, tailored template in minutes and it’s completely free to use.
  • People Search: Find passive candidates from a database of referees who have given you consent to be contacted about potential job opportunities in the future.

Download our free guide on the additional benefits of Xref.

#5 Why users love us globally

Xref is trusted by more than 1,200 businesses globally, with reliable tech, dedicated account managers and local support. Some of the main reasons customers vouch for us are because we offer: 

  • A passionate and driven team: The customer success team, who support our users globally, is the heartbeat of the business and, as the true automated referencing experts, they offer training, guidance and best-practice tips to help all users become leaders in conducting the best reference checks.
  • Improved candidate experience: The Xref process starts as a candidate submits their referee details and, from that point on, they are kept up to speed with the progress of their reference. They receive timely reminders and are notified as soon as a reference has been completed.
  • Solution scalability: Xref is able to support the hiring needs of all businesses, from single users on Xref Lite to global corporations with multiple team members on an enterprise account.

This blog post covers more about what our clients have to say; you could also head to our G2 page, which includes hundreds of independent reviews of our software.

Final Thoughts

For recruitment teams, time is of the essence and in a challenging hiring market, minimising admin is key to remaining competitive. That’s where digital reference checking comes in, taking the legwork out of a critical recruitment task to ensure it is done quickly and with compliance. Regardless of who you’re hiring, robust reference checking remains essential for confident recruitment decisions. 

If you’re interested in a free demo, click here and we’ll set one up for you!

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