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Discover more about your candidate with CheckSocial and Xref


Xref has partnered with CheckSocial an online intelligence platform, so you can discover more about the candidate you’re hiring and reduce the risk of a wrong hire. 

CheckSocial is an intelligence platform for talent acquisition to discover insights about candidates, including interests, qualifications and risk factors from the web and social media, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology combined with expert human analysts. 

The integration automates digital footprint checks and returns the report within three business days; gathering only publicly available information about the candidate.

Digital Footprint Check

Discover insights about the candidate like their interests and risk factors.

Simple Workflow

The check can be requested from the CheckSocial platform or grouped with an Xref reference check. Add the candidate email when requesting a CheckSocial check, and the rest is automated.

Progress Updates

Get notified when a report is complete and ready for review.

Quick and Convenient Setup

It can be set up in as little as 24 hours and accessed from Xref

Image of CheckSocial request

Request a CheckSocial check

When conducting an Xref request, you can start the digital check by selecting the ‘CheckSocial check’ option. Enter the candidate's email address and hit "send request".

Monitor request progress

On the Xref interface, you can view the progress of your CheckSocial request. 

Image of CheckSocial request progress
Image of CheckSocial report

Review CheckSocial results

You will be notified once the check is complete. Access the CheckSocial report for details on the candidate’s digital footprint. 


Don’t do the leg work when you don’t have to, let Xref do all the heavy lifting.